On the invitation of Made in Nepal Global Export Promotion Interaction Program organized by Export from Nepal Private Limited in coordination with AGNI Exim Pvt. Ltd. and Regional Handicraft supported by Trade and Export Promotion Centre (TEPC) held at TEPC Hall on 7th September 2022. On behalf of NUSACCI, Mr. Kiran P. Saakha, President attended the interaction program he highlighted the role played by NUSACCI as a facilitator not only to its members but also to the non-members also. Mr. Saakha stressed three components needs to be given importance which exporting goods from Nepal, quality, delivery on time and price. There are many challenges i.e. Nepali exporters has been facing while doing business with USA. Mr Saakha also highlighted on 77 items that there is a need to disseminate information to Nepali exporters and get the optimum benefits out of it. NUSACCI is very much interested to carry out single country show in US during thanks giving day. In organizing this event, NUSACCI would like to collaborate with Export from Nepal Private Limited. The total import of carpet in US, Nepali hand knotted carpet comprises 15% share. In comparison to Indian carpet, the nepali carpet is costlier but still there is a demand for Nepali carpet in USA. Therefore, Nepali carpet still has a potential in US market. The balance of trade is not in favorable situation. In order to make it favorable, Nepal should focus on more exports on carpet, pashmina, garments, hand gears, felts etc.

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