On 5th May 2022, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies (MOICS), European Union (EU) and GIZ have jointly organized a half-day Focus Group Discussion on the Role of Economic Diplomacy in Export Promotion. The main objective of the FGD was to get stakeholders feedback in view of the formulation process of Nepal Trade Integrated Strategy 2079 initiated by MOICS.

The main issues discussed in the FDG are: strength of Nepali mission abroad, Missions’ activities on trade promotion, major problem encountered in trade promotion, role and activities of consulate generals and honorary consuls in trade promotion, role of the Nepali diaspora in trade promotion, activities and achievements of the Nepali diaspora in trade promotion, problem/prospects of trade promotion by the Nepali diaspora, issues in institutional arrangements and interventions required to advance economic diplomacy.

In view of formulating a new strategy MOICS has been conducting the review work of Nepal Trade Integrated Strategy 2073 and also taking into account themes such as ways for minimizing increasing trade deficit; steps to be taken in view of Nepal’s graduation towards developing country from LDC in 2026; minimization of COVID-19 impact on Trade Sector; new dimension of trade sector and possibility of export trade in the context of federal structure of Nepal and Formulation of Nepal Trade Integrated Strategy 2079 for incorporating in the new trade strategy. On behalf of NUSACCI, President, Mr Kiran P. Saakha attended the FDG. During the program Mr. Saakha opined that that economic diplomacy has been long been talked about subject by GON but serious thought and implementation is lacking.

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