NUSACCI organized the Breakfast meeting with
H.E. Alaina B. Teplize on 20th. June. 2017., at Raddission Hotel Rara Hall. Ambassador Teplize,
Ms. Andria Goodman, and Kevin Price from US Embassy and from NUSACCI Kiran Saakha, Narendra Kumar Basnyate, Sanjai Agrawal, Pawan Tuladhar, Gandhi Pandit, Bendraban Pradhanang, Bhakta Bahadur Gurung and Kedar Rajbhandari were present at the meeting.

Kiran P. Saakha President NUSACCI welcomed HE. Teplize, officials from Embassy and IPP Narendra Kumar Basnyat, Treasurer and executive members of the NUSACCI. President expressed happy for being able to revive the breakfast meeting, he also recalled the relation of NUSACCI
with Embassy in past and expressed to work more closely in days to come. He also briefed about the TIFA Seminar jointly organized with Embassy and Ministry of Commerce , Government of Nepal, which was outstanding & successful. Problem faced by Foreign Investors like Ncell, MetLife and Standerd Chartered were also discussed and NUSACCI assured to Embassy that Chamber will not leave behind anything to do the advocacy in favor of the Foreign Investors related to the facilitating foreign investment. President also expressed about the taking Trade Deligation to USA in near future and requested for the necessary support from Embassy.

IPP Mr. Narendra Kumar Basnyat briefed about the
NUSACCI activities in past and also strong relationship of NUSACCI with US Embassy. He has also expressed the necessity of cooperation from US Embassy to strengthen the NUSACCI.

Ambassador assured NUSACCI to cooperate by every possible means in the activities and suggested to conduct more and more activities related to promotion of trade and investment between two countries. She has also requested Nepalese Business community to take advantage of Duty Free provided by Preferential Bill in 77 items. She has also suggested to Branding Nepali Products to get easy access into US market. She also pointed out the importance to fulfill the rules of Intellectual property right.

At the end President Saakha expressed Thanks to Ambassador and officials from US Embassy for attending the breakfast meeting and hope to continue the meeting in rotation basis.

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